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Continuing education is the only way for survival in our ever changing environment in which we live. What was once effective yesterday may not be available as the 'Silver bullet' today! Baxter technicians are Certified/Registered and possess the appropriate skills and knowledge that is essential in providing outstanding service to those we serve- you the customer.


When the technician/s arrives at your home or place of business they will consult with you and then begin to inspect for all potential conditions that might be conducive to pest activity both inside and outside. Based upon the findings of the inspection, we will discuss and document the probable cause/s and when you should expect to see positive results.


All active Pests will be appropriately identified and documented so that the best control methods can be utilized. Some pests need to be controlled in ways that only a knowledgeable technician is aware of. No guess identification with us!


We utilize various methods to seal off a premises from pest invasion such as but not limited to: various types of caulk, steel wool, putty, door sweeps, 1/4 round molding, exterior repellents, etc... Pests can not enter without access on/in your belongings or through openings in a structure.


Depending on the pest, both improved sanitation practices or better house/office keeping may make a huge differences in how long it takes for pest activity to cease. We will discuss and/ or document some helpful suggestions for you. Remember we will be working with you. It's us against the pests!


We have various effective control methods that may be used depending on the situation at hand. Some non-chemical elimination methods we use are: trapping, Hepa filter vacuums, Glue monitors, Sound repellent devices, Insect Electricuters, Rodent zappers, etc...Chemicals will also be considered as a last resort!


Unless all conditions that produced the original pest activity are eliminated new pest activity may develop. For this reason Baxter can/will customize a preventive service plan that is specific to the needs of your location/s. Baxter can customize a service plan from once a year to daily (daily is ONLY for special needs).